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The Mysterium :: Anne Stokes

Anne Stokes

Darkness conceals and reveals. Those willing to walk in the shadows will experience the wonder of Carpe Noctum, “Seize the Night.” Anne Stokes’ Carpe Noctum designs, crafted in pewter and embellished with touches of gold, enamel and crystal, promise the wearer: If you open your heart to Night’s sweet mysteries, you will become truly alive.

Presented in a bespoke jewellery box with a 22" chain.


Part No.: CA5
A Flight of Four brings gifts from the Corners of the Night Sky. Everything comes in time to those who can wait.
Arcanus may lead the wearer to What is Most Desired.

Our price: £18.99
Basking Draca
Part No.: CK06
Lovingly designed by the world's favoured artist Anne Stokes

Our price: £29.95
Crux Dragana
Part No.: CA2
Spreading wings towards Destiny, Faith has Strength and shows Might with Mercy. All is possible.
Crux Dragana may lead the wearer to Confidence and Strong Protection.

Our price: £18.99
Draca Rosa
Part No.: CA4
Beauty without Strength is Lost to the World, for the Weak do not Survive. Thorns and Scales protect. Be strong.
Draca Rosa may lead the wearer to possess Charisma and Courage.

Our price: £18.99
Draca Stella
Part No.: CA3
One shines bright, but Two make for brilliance. The Power of Two is ever greater than the Power of One.
Draca Stella may lead the wearer to Good Fortune through Friendship.

Our price: £18.99
Duos Celtica
Part No.: CA8
Celtic Dragons promise Success, while Faith bonded with Beauty cannot Fail. It was ever so.
Duos Celtica may lead the wearer to Triumph; Winning in Life and Love.

Anne Stokes says "I've just got samples of a new range of 11 gothic style pewter pendants that Eastgate Resource have made from my designs. I'm really pleased with the way they turned out. This one, featuring two dragons and a celtic cross, is my favourite and here's a photo of me holding it :) The range is called Carpe Noctum.

Our price: £18.99
Part No.: CA7
Through Time Immemorial, True Love enriches the World and is without Beginning and without End. Love is Everything.
Infinitas may lead the wearer to Infinite Love and Perfect Trust.

Our price: £18.99
Part No.: CA10
Dragon unites with Star to make a powerful magick. ‘Do what you will’ shall be the whole of the Law. Believe in yourself.
Pentadraca may lead the wearer to Self-Mastery and Achievement of Goals.

Our price: £18.99
Prayer for the Fallen
Part No.: CA9
Life can be hard and sometimes filled with sorrow, but with her protective wings the angel remembers and cares for those who have passed. She may lead her wearer to Remembrance.

Our price: £18.99
Part No.: CA1
The pledge is troth, the bond sacred in this life and forever more. True Love is Immortal. Eternity is beyond Death.
Spondeo may lead the wearer to their True Soul Mate.

Our price: £18.99
Part No.: AN44
A new concept from Anne Stokes, a beautiful greeting card that is "wrap around art" when the card is fully opened, painted back and front. Measures 120 x 170mm when folded, 240 x 170 when opened.

Our price: £2.99
Part No.: CA11
Night’s Guardian stands sentry over your heart so it may not be broken. Love Conquers All.
Veritas may lead the wearer to be True to the Self.

Our price: £18.99
Part No.: CA6
The True Teacher destroys falsehoods and exposes fakery. She guides seekers onto the Right Path. Trust yourself.
Vocare may lead the wearer to a True Destiny.

Our price: £18.99