The Mysterium :: Briar Jewellery :: Queen Boudicca's Torc - Lost Treasures of Albion

Queen Boudicca's Torc - Lost Treasures of Albion

Queen Boudicca's Torc - Lost Treasures of Albion

Queen Boudicca's Torc - Lost Treasures of Albion
In AD 60, widowed Boudicca fought fiercely against the Roman invaders who sought to enslave her tribe, the Iceni. She is rightly famed as a warrior- queen. Tall, with long blonde hair and beauty, her large gold necklace flashed on the battlefield, proclaiming her royal status.
Queen Boudicca’s devotion to her people and fierce protection of those she loved pays tribute to the triumph of the spirit.
Part No. LT11
Our price: £12.99

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    According to Dio Cassius' notes on Boudicca, her hair was 'a great mass of bright red hair' that 'fell to her knees'.
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