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Divination Tools

Divination tools, including Pendulums and Rune Stones.

The art of divination goes back for centuries and there are many, many magical tools such as rune readings and pendulums as well as divining or dowsing rods.

Runes are alphabetical divination symbols traditionally used by ancient Nordic tribes who believed that runes held the Meaning of Life in their symbolism. Runes make a powerful psychic link with your inner awareness and can illuminate your path towards growth and fulfilment. In Nordic times, rune readings were made with runes carved into wood, many people nowadays prefer the feel of semi-precious gemstone runes so we offer a choice from both.

Pendulums Throughout history, mankind has experimented with many different ways to explain the present and foretell the future. One such method is dowsing - using implements to find information or to locate sources of water or other materials. The pendulum is one of many tools that a dowser might use. Their simplicity makes them an ideal choice - simply a weight suspended by a thread. Pendulum dowsing can give answers to questions, be used as an indicator when looking for something and give general advice on matters such as compatibility with another person, suitability for a career or new home, or general health-related questions. Our Oracle Pendulum comes with a Life Management Chart.

DIVINING RODS Famous British author, Raymond Buckland, known as Father of Wicca in America, has kindly given us permission to tell you that he will not use any other Divining Rods than ours and he will only permit his students to use our rods in his divination classes.

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Divining or Dowsing Rods
Part No.: DR01
Based on an authentic divination tool from the ancient tradition of Dowsing this unique product can easily be used by people with no previous experience at all, but are equally attractive to the serious dowser.

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