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These wonderful incenses are all hand blended by Lady Annabelle from secret recipes taught to her by her grandmother. Individually blended from herbs, spices and resins from around the world. Presented in an airtight glass jar, the incenses are designed to smoulder on a charcoal tablet (which can be bought separately).

To use, light a charcoal tablet and place it in a fireproof dish. You may like to add a small bed of sand or earth to stop the base from becoming too hot. When fully smouldering, sprinkle a pinch of the incense on the charcoal. Keep out of draughts and top up as necessary.

Invigorating aromas awaken your senses and bring focus and clarity to your thinking. How, exactly, does a pleasant scent exert its considerable power? Your sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than any other sense.

When you first smell an essence, the "formula" wafts up to your olfactory receptor neurons, which then sends the message on to the brain through the receptor bulbs located at the back of the nose. The part of your brain that is then stimulated revs up stored memories, thereby influencing emotions, and, at the same time, modifying conscious thought. That is how and why these delightful incenses can affect your Personal Transformation or bring about Magical Empowerment.

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Part No.: CHA001
Top quality charcoal tablets for burning Magical Incenses. This is a pack of 10 tablets which should last you for ten burnings.
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