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The Mysterium - New Age Jewellery and Pagan Greeting Cards




Dragon for Wealth & Knowledge
Part No.: F153
Our dragon was famed for collecting and protecting great treasures and his powers of Wealth & Knowledge can be worn to promote those same attributes for the wearer.

Our price: £14.95
Dragon Skull - Wealth and Riches
Part No.: FB12
In legends a vessel of Prophecy and Magick and thought by many to be the key to finding the Dragons Treasure, the Dragons Skullís grim exterior conceals a Talisman for Wealth and Riches.

Our price: £16.95
Dragon Skull - Wealth Beyond Imagination
Part No.: GA8
Jewelled vessel of prophecy and magic cunning, precious Dragonskull holds the key to WEALTH BEYOND IMAGINATION.

Our price: £13.95
Feoh for Wealth and Good Fortune
Part No.: R1
Feoh for Wealth and Good Fortune.

Our price: £5.95
Heulsaf Yr Haf 9 June - 1 July Wealth
Part No.: BC8
9 June - 1 July SUMMER SOLSTICE: sun.

Our price: £19.99
Strength, Power, Riches, Abundance
Part No.: 8
An Amulet for Strength, Power, Riches, Abundance.

Our price: £7.95
Wealth Magick Spell Kit
Part No.: SK2
This is an authentic and very powerful Wealth Spell and with this Spell Kit, you have made a major step towards achieving Wealth. For the Spell to work, all you need is to have an open mind and to follow the instructions precisely and wholeheartedly.

Our price: £17.95
Wealth Pendulum
Part No.: DP4
The Wealth Pendulum includes a Wealth chart that has been specifically designed to answer your questions on money, finance and wealth.

Our price: £13.95